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Install Siri on jailbread iPad using iOS 5.1.1

Install Siri on jailbread iPad using iOS 5.1.1


I use Display Recorder (Cydia) on iPad 2 to record this video. But it can’t record my voice. so sad 😦

Recommended for jailbroken iPad 2 using iOS 5.1.1
Cydia Sources :
1. http://cydia.bassamkassem.com/ : install [Ac!d]iPad (includes Siri Port and iPhone native apps).
2. http://ihackstore.com/repo/ : install SiriDr.

How to install:
1. I’m using iPad 2 wifi with iOS 5.1.1, jailbreaked.
2. If you have not installed Siri, let’s add source : http://cydia.bassamkassem.com/, then find [Ac!D]iPad (for iPad), or [Ac!D]Siri (for iPhone) and install it (more than 100mb). If you have an iPad, use will be installed iPhone apps: Clock, Stock, Weather, Calculate.
3. Proxy: Let’s add souce: http://ihackstore.com/repo/ and install SiriDR.
4. Run SiriDR. Click to “Free Server” and choose “The Three Little Bigs”, then let’s “Respring”.
5. Run SiriDR and click to “Free Server” again, choose “Download the certificates”. It will change to safari. Choose “The Three Little Bigs” and install Profile.
Go to Settings > General > Siri > enable it. Change the languages if you want.
If Siri say: sorry blah blah blah… go to SiriDR and choose another server and then install profile… or you can wait for minutes and try again.

P/S: I’m using “The Three Little Bigs” and it’s very good!

Good luck!

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